Michał Skorupski_fotografia wnętrz

Michał has the passion for photography in the genes. He grabbed the camera for the first at the age of 8 (it was the famous Russian Smiena). Since then, he has been watching the world through the lens. He explored the secrets of photography during his time at the Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź, Poland.He started his career as an assistant in an advertising photography studio. Later, he was a photojournalist at one of Warsaw weeklies, he also portrayed people from the business world for economic magazines. He made many campaigns for advertising agencies and individual clients. Several years ago, he began his adventure with interior photography and architecture. Today he is one of the most important specialists in this industry, and his photographs are published in many leading magazines. He also shoots advertising, business and corporate sessions. Above all he likes to photograph people.

Tel. 602 244 387

Polska, Europa i cały świat